Work with WCF

We're looking for talented and enthusiastic professionals to join our growing team and help us work towards a more sustainable cocoa industry.

Job Opportunities

WCF seeks a Director of Communications and Membership to provide strategic and technical leadership for the critical communications and membership functions at WCF. The Director is responsible for developing and delivering our global communications strategy, external positioning of WCF and the industry, including branding and messaging, identifying, managing and mitigating reputational risks, and ensuring effective member recruitment, engagement, and retention.

WCF seeks an Executive Assistant to make the President a better, faster, stronger and more effective leader by creating capacity for him to focus on the most important things.  As Executive Assistant, you will be exposed to an extremely wide range of responsibilities.  You will serve as liaison with the Board of Directors, prepare briefing materials, conduct research, help drive special projects, and manage the schedule and “front office” of the President

WCF seeks Social Development Associate consultants in Accra and Abidjan to assist in WCF’s efforts to implement the 2019 Community Development Acceleration work. The consultants will provide direct technical assistance to Community Development guidance and follow up, as well as capacity building and mapping. The consultant will work with WCF companies bilaterally and collectively, as well as with other key stakeholders.

WCF seeks an M&E Consultant to develop a new ACI Performance Management Plan, review, adapt and use the Indicator Performance Tracking Table, revise existing and develop additional data capture forms, train Implementing Partners in M&E and ACI II data requirements, conduct Data Quality Assessments and collect Data from ACI Implementing Partners.

Internship Opportunities

WCF seeks a communications and outreach intern for the 2019 summer term, with potential extension through the fall, interested in developing their communications, marketing, event management, writing, editing, social media, video-editing, and research skills. Strong attention to detail, interest in non-profit communications, and a focus on international development would greatly benefit this intern as they conduct research tasks and projects, support communications and marketing efforts, and assist in day-to-day membership activities.

Request for Proposals

WCF is commissioning a series of CocoaAction field stories, told from the point of view of farmers, to understand if/how company-led sustainability work in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana can have an impact on individual farmers, the different challenges, and the path that different farmers might take to get there. The consultant should have proven writing skills in English, experience working with rural communities and be based in Côte d’Ivoire or Ghana.