Cocoa Inputs and Improved Production Practices Improve Livelihoods

August 8, 2012

Abengourou, Côte d’Ivoire. Recently, farmer group members in Abengourou, Côte d’Ivoire were asked about the impact of the WCF Cocoa Livelihoods Program (WCF/CLP) training on their farms. Manzan Kacou, the leader of the “Konian” group, was anxious to communicate his success. He proudly described how he had applied the practices taught by WCF/CLP on his two-hectare farm.

When Mr. Kacou pruned his trees earlier this year and removed dead trees and stumps from his farm, his neighbors cried that he was crazy. “You are destroying your farm,” they said, “You shouldn’t listen to the people from Abidjan. We know better. We have known cocoa production techniques since childhood.”  But Mr. Kacou stood firm, following the training he had received through the WCF Cocoa Livelihoods Program.

At harvest time, his farm was a beautiful sight. The amount of cocoa he harvested had climbed to 700 kg per hectare, an estimated increase of 100% from previous years. His fellow group members and neighbors were impressed by the appearance and health of his plantation. Today, his group continues their participation in WCF training programs.