Tree Global joins World Cocoa Foundation

(February 29, 2016) – WCF is thrilled to welcome Tree Global as its newest member. Tree Global is an international nursery service, created to provide High Performance Seedlings to large scale projects focused on agriculture, sustainable timber and environmental restoration.

Tree Global is establishing a network of cocoa tree nurseries in West Africa through which it will supply smallholder farmers with high performance cocoa seedlings. By supplying farmers with seedlings that achieve high survival rates, early first yield and improved yields per hectare, Tree Global aims to help farmers increase their incomes, reduce their vulnerability and be secure in making a long-term commitment to cocoa farming.

Gregory Hess, CEO, stated: “Tree Global is excited to join WCF and looks forward to long and successful partnerships with fellow members. We fully support the aims of the WCF and are committed to ensuring that high quality planting materials make a valuable contribution towards the sustainability of the cocoa supply chain.”

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