USAID Chief Rajiv Shah Talks Philanthropy, Innovation, Transparency and More

June 19, 2012

Rajiv Shah: USAID stepped up its collaboration with the private sector in 2001, when the Agency launched its Global Development Alliance model of public-private partnerships.  Since that time, USAID has joined forces with over 3,000 organizations in more than 1,000 partnerships, leveraging billions of dollars for the Agency’s development goals. On average, we have leveraged $4 for every $1 of USAID funding.  These collaborations span all regions and development sectors, from small coffee farms in Rwanda to urban water treatment systems in the Philippines.

We have found that our partnerships are effective when we work with a core competency of our private sector partner.   For example, we are working in West Africa with the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and its industry members like Cargill, Kraft, Hershey and Nestle.  Together, we’re focused on strengthening the cocoa sector in West Africa, through activities like improving the productivity of cocoa varieties and expanding farmer training.

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