The Place for Children is in Schools

West Africa supplies roughly 70% of the world’s cocoa and Côte d’Ivoire ranks as the largest producer and leading exporter on the world market. It’s a cash crop responsible for everything from chocolate, to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Many of the… Read More

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Purdy’s Chocolates Whips Up Something Special

The venerable Vancouver confectioner — well known for quality milk and dark chocolates in distinctive purple packaging, not to mention those cute little hedgehogs — is breaking down culinary boundaries with seasonal and specialty treats designed for a flourishing foodie… Read More

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Why Kraft Foods Cares About Fair Trade Chocolate

With 23 years in the food industry, Chris McGrath is responsible for balancing the environmental, social and economic considerations across Kraft Foods’ global portfolio, helping to ensure that sustainability is a part of every business decision. Chris works with business… Read More

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