Kookoo Pa Farmers Organisation Joins World Cocoa Foundation

May 31, 2017

WCF is pleased to welcome Kumasi, Ghana-based Kookoo Pa Farmers Organisation as our newest member. In joining WCF, Kookoo Pa said, “Kookoo Pa is happy to be part of a great family of cocoa chain actors who are determined to pool resources together to sustain and expand the global cocoa industry (from the producers to the consumers) to meet the ever-increasing demand for cocoa. We in Kookoo Pa Farmers Organisation believe that the cocoa supply chain or the cocoa industry is just like the cocoa tree itself; it has roots, stem, branches and leaves. But when the roots die, all the other parts also die. The producers are the roots; they need to be fertilized and watered to ensure that the stem and the branches continue to produce the needed pods.” Learn more about Kookoo Pa Farmers Organisation at www.kookoopa.org.