WCF is pleased to welcome Republic of Congo and São Tomé & Principe-based COFCAO as our newest member.

On joining WCF, the company’s R&D and Quality Manager Dean Peixoto said, “COFCAO is an agricultural company based in São Tomé & Principe and Congo (Sangha) that has made cocoa production its expertise. COFCAO’s vision through cocoa production is to promote technology transfer and work towards the establishment of agricultural value chains. Our reasons for joining WCF: Sharing a common vision on responsible and environmentally friendly agriculture, fighting against the use of harmful pesticides, fighting against child labor and finally generating a positive social impact on communities, particularly through the transfer of skills.”

COFCAO through its social impact commitment has decided to create a chocolate school on the island of Principe. This school will train young students in various professions of processing and confectionery of fine chocolates.

For more information, visit www.cofcao-stp.com.