CocoaMAP Giving Sharper Picture of Cocoa’s Future

November 14, 2012

With beta-testing starting this fall in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Indonesia, the WCF’s Cocoa Measurement and Progress (CocoaMAP) initiative is the first program of its kind to track the advancements of the cocoa sector’s performance and sustainability efforts, providing an overview of the health of the complete cocoa supply chain. “It’s a very complex undertaking because there are no simple tools to be able to do this right now,” says Dennis Macray, a consultant to the WCF. “That’s the beauty of CocoaMAP, we’re developing a tool that can simplify the tracking process and we’ll be tapping into different organizations and survey tools to get the info.”

He explains the initiative is partnering with companies running sustainability programs in cocoa-growing regions and organizations on the ground with existing staff gathering information to contribute to CocoaMAP. “The goal is that by March of 2013 we will have a system that will be available for the industry to use,” Macray says, adding: “That’s the plan and we’re on track.”

CocoaMAP will measure the sector’s performance at macro- and micro-levels to give a better picture of how much cocoa is being produced, the number of farmers involved, acreage dedicated to cocoa and the costs associated with cocoa production.

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