In 2012, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) will design, develop and launch Cocoa Measurement and Progress (CocoaMAP) — a global platform of critical cocoa sector indicators developed with multistakeholder input. CocoaMAP will track progress in the global effort to achieve sustainable cocoa production through a set of indicators and measurements that have been credibly verified. By measuring and evaluating progress in the cocoa sector, all partners can learn, improve and grow to support future cocoa farms and strengthen farming systems. CocoaMAP will provide the big picture of how much cocoa is produced, how many farmers are involved, how much land is used and the price of cocoa. It will also show the impacts of cocoa production, including the health and prosperity of farming families and communities, the environment, sustainable practices, certifications and future generations. Producers, farmers and cooperatives will benefit through this tool that shows best practices and their impacts.

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This article was originally published in The Manufacturing Confectioner.