WCF is pleased to welcome London, United Kingdom-based Bean & Co as our newest member. In joining WCF, Doron Retter, Bean & Co’s CEO, said, “At Bean & Co, we aim to actualize our vision for sustainable, modern cocoa production throughout regions and social communities of immense, untapped agricultural potential. We strongly prioritize social progress and community development as central facets of our company vision; thus, we believe that joining the WCF is a key milestone in furthering the collective effort of creating a more sustainable and impactful cocoa market.”

Bean & Co’s projects are based on the philosophy of maximizing economies of scale and ensure long-term sustainability. Its “Centers of Excellence” model provides training, production, and processing services to commercial farm workers and the smallholder farmers it works with. Through farming projects, Bean & Co helps to protect the environment and scarce resources, and will promote socio-economic improvement for individuals in the project’s area.

Learn more about Bean & Co at http://beannco.com.