WCF is thrilled to welcome Arysta Callivoire as a WCF member company. Arysta Callivoire is an Ivorian based agricultural service solutions company focused on the development of Ivorian agriculture and well-being.

Arysta Callivoire shared: “We at Arysta Callivoire have for the last 30 years provided a full range of innovative agro-inputs solutions in order to improve yields and welfare in the cocoa farmer communities. We believe that capacity building and technology transfer are key for the development of cocoa farming. Alongside with high-quality products, we insist on providing state-of-the-art training to accompany every farmer’s project. As an important contributor to the sustainability of the value chain, it was important for us to join the WCF, leader organization in that domain. Through this forum, we aim to continue helping cocoa farmers cultivate profitability and sustainability.”

To learn more about Arysta Callivoire, visit www.callivoire.com