WCF is pleased to welcome Berlin-based 12Tree as our newest member.

On joining WCF, the company said, “At 12Tree we develop large-scale cocoa projects always placing environmental and social sustainability first, while ensuring profitability for our clients. Joining WCF will allow us to be part of an organization that shares our core principles. 12Tree is an experienced German manager with a core commitment to profitability, sustainability and social impact. 12Tree is a proven leader for sustainable afforestation in the tropics. The operational strength results from own personnel on the ground. Our own management on the ground ensures that our sustainability criteria are being met. We aim to improve literacy amongst workers and their families. We create long-term, secure jobs. We are committed to the preservation of primary forests. We train local farmers to improve yield and quality of their own crops. The biological diversity of the clones we use lead to higher resistance against illnesses.”

To learn more about 12Tree, visit www.12tree.de.