Community Empowerment

The World Cocoa Foundation and our members help strengthen cocoa-growing communities by increasing opportunities for women and developing access to quality primary education for children.

Women at the Heart of Community Empowerment

Empowered women are formidable catalysts for sustainable development. They are involved in almost all stages of cocoa production, providing an estimated 50% of the labor force. However, women are often marginalized from services and decision-making. Strategies such as microfinance, improved access to land ownership and membership in farmer groups or cooperatives can have a positive impact on women and their families.

WCF’s CocoaAction and Cocoa Livelihoods Program help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5, achieving gender equality, by working to empower women and girls.

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Featured Experts Youssouf N’djoré

Director of Social Development
World Cocoa Foundation
  • Photo by World Agroforestry Centre Yusuf Ahmad women in Sulawesi

Real Impact in Education

Cocoa and chocolate companies invest to achieve systemic change in education, with co-financing and expertise brought by partners such as the Jacobs Foundation. Access to quality education is also a means of combating the vicious circle of poverty, low productivity and child labor linked to illiteracy in the world’s two largest cocoa producing countries of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

WCF’s work in this area helps achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4, by promoting inclusive quality primary education in cocoa communities.

Download Materials

  • Village Savings & Loans Associations in Cocoa: The Business Income Case 2019
  • Gender Continuum Marker
  • Marqueur et continuum de genre
  • Gender Integration Guidance Note
  • Note d'orientation sur l'intégration du genre
  • Conference Summary: 2017 Global Conference on Women in Cocoa
  • Women’s Empowerment Research Analysis

World Cocoa Foundation members understand that women’s empowerment is not merely a nice thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do.

Youssouf N’djoré Youssouf N’djoré Director of Social Development, World Cocoa Foundation Learn more