Yefarkiya Yeo

Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Technician, World Cocoa Foundation

Yeo Yefarkiha has been a Lab Assistant at the CSSV Lab located at Anguédédou since January 2018. Before being relocated in Abidjan, he was one of the 5 WS1 technicians working on the CocoaAction Propagation Pilot since 2016. He was also responsible for the Abengourou site and implemented and managed the SE, OS, Grafting and mixed plots under the guidance of the CSSV Program Manager and the Pilot team.

Mr. Yeo has expertise on propagation techniques, nurseries and farm creation and management with different types of planting material. Since January, he has been building his capacity in molecular analysis to work in the CSSV Lab.

Before joining WCF, Mr. Yeo spent 6 years working as a technician for the agrochemical company Callivoire in Cote d’Ivoire, where he was a farm manager for an industrial rubber project until 2012.

Mr. Yeo holds a High technician certificate in chemistry and quality control, and a Master degree in engineering techniques – management, marketing and communication since 2010.