Yao Affoue Anne Pelagie

Cocoa Women Producer, SOCOOPEM

Yao Affoue Pelagie is an Ivorian Cocoa Women Producer from Tabou, a mother of 4 children, married according to tradition. With a lively, combative spirit, Pelagie earns her income from the food crops she markets (dried fishes and cassava). Very skeptical and reluctant, Pelagie benefited from the support and motivation of her cooperative to participate in WSOL. With WSOL, Pelagie was pleasantly surprised to be able to channel her energy and put it at the disposal of her loved ones. She understood who she was, that she had to build herself, build her financial and moral autonomy, love and accept herself and lead persons.

Pelagie has recently become a cocoa producer after her attendance to WSOL. She has also accepted to become the president of the producers’ wives’ association in her community, something she had previously refused because she did not think she had the skills to lead the oldest ones. Pelagie also supports the fight against gender-based violence initiated by another student of the Women’s School of Leadership.