Yakubu Mohammed

Head, Geoinformation Department, Forestry Commission

Yakubu Mohammed joined the forestry commission in Ghana as a Professional forester in 1994 and worked as a District Manager, heading forestry operations in 6 districts across all the ecological zones of Ghana. He started his carrier in the savannah enclave of Ghana and worked there for 6 years. He moved to the transitional zone and worked for 5 years before moving again to the western region of Ghana. From the western region, he transferred to the Resource Management Support Centre (RMSC) to head the Geoinformation Department.

RMSC is the technical wing of the forestry commission which sets standards for forestry operations. The geoinformation department is directly in charge of setting standards for forest mapping, forest monitoring, and ensuring the integrity of the forest estates of Ghana. While working in the geoinformation department, he played leading roles in the forest preservation program which carried the assessment of the forest cover of Ghana and developed the base map for estimating the forest cover, carbon emissions level in Ghana REDD+ program. He is part of the technical team which reports on the carbon emission levels of Ghana to the UNFCC and has participated in 3 National Communications and 3 biannual update reports for Ghana.

In 2019, Yakubu lead a team comprising of international partners from the UK to develop the land use map for Ghana which segregate tree crop mainly cocoa from natural forest and develop a system to track cocoa lead deforestation in Ghana.