Wendy Arenas

Executive Director, Technical Secretariat Cocoa, Forest & Peace Initiative in Colombia, Alisos

As an entrepreneur and social scientist working to fight inequality, exclusion and unsustainable practices, in the last 12 years Wendy Arenas has developed and implemented various initiatives in Colombia and the Latin America region. She is the Executive Director of Alisos, in which an important part of her work has been to bring together multiple sectors with a diversity of visions and interests to construct long term common goals. In the Amazon region, Wendy co-leads Cocoa for Life: + Forests in the Amazon, a Program in the Colombian Amazon region that emphasizes land use, deforestation free, agroforestry and MRV systems. She is coordinating the ad hoc secretariat of the Cocoa, Forests and Peace Initiative in Colombia that seeks to promote zero-deforestation production models that favor the protection and restoration of forests in the Colombian cocoa supply chain.