Wahyu Wibowo

Executive Director, Cocoa Sustainability Partnership (CSP)

Wahyu Wibowo, has been appointed as Executive Director of Cocoa Sustainability Partnership (CSP) since January 8th, 2018. He is a results-oriented and has a strong background in multi-stakeholder organization and sustainable agriculture. Having successfully led the implementation of sustainability standard for coffee and build business case for both coffee farmers and coffee traders in Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. Wahyu has a master’s degree in environmental science and is fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

As an Executive Director of CSP, he led the secretariat on day-by-day activities, including finance, communications, and programs. He worked with the team to coordinates collaboration among member and stakeholder, by fostering trust, commitment, communication and transparency, to successfully empower cocoa farmer and their communities. He put a foundation for radical transparency from handful member including data management publication.

With the proper and sufficient formal education, convening skill experience, and other good soft skills, Wahyu is trusted by CSP members to bring the organization more advanced and benefited to members and cocoa stakeholders in Indonesia and international scopes.