Traoré Mamadou

Value Chain and Private Sector Program Coordinator, CARE International

Traoré Mamadou has 18 years of experience acquired at Care in the humanitarian and development field, including 11 years in community mobilization and the strengthening of social cohesion, the Return and Reintegration of communities displaced by war and 07 years of work in the private sector of the cocoa industry.

Traoré Mamadou has been Care International’s Value Chain and Private Sector Program Coordinator in Côte d’Ivoire since February 2019. In this capacity, he works to mobilize funds for the implementation of projects aimed at improving living conditions. Cocoa-producing communities, the development of the COCOA strategy and the partnership of the cocoa industry with NGOs and state institutions.

He previously held the position of Head of the Cocoa Life and Côte d’Or projects funded by Mondelez from 2013 to 2019, then Deputy Coordinator in charge of Social Cohesion of the project funded by the World Bank for a year, before being still at Care. where he held the position of emergency food distribution project manager in the western region of Côte d’Ivoire.

He has a solid theoretical background in issues related to Local Development as well as extensive field experience in the central, northern and western regions of Côte d’Ivoire which have experienced enormous socio-security challenges for a decade. He has also participated in international meetings/training on Business Leadership, Gender and Development, etc. In addition, Mamadou Traoré participated in the design of Care International’s long-term strategic plans in Côte d’Ivoire.

Holder of a master’s degree in business management from the University of Bouaké, Mamadou is a Principal Trainer in Gender Equity and Diversity, Principal Trainer in Community Performance Card, Trainer in Peaceful Conflict Management, and Trainer in Community Development.