Stephanie Daniels

Senior Program Director, Sustainable Food Lab

Focus Area: Improving Farmer Income

Stephanie leads the Agriculture & Development program at the Sustainable Food Lab, a network of food and beverage companies, international NGOs and research organizations dedicated to shifting food systems towards resilience. Stephanie manages Food Lab partnerships focused on living income, farmer livelihoods and climate resilience. Stephanie brings 20+ years of experience in the private sector and civil society to initiatives such as the Living Income Community of Practice, the Alliance for Living Income in Cocoa, Alliance for Resilient Coffee and to strategic support to industry leaders like ABINbev, Unilever, Starbucks and others. She holds a B.S. Environmental Studies/Wildlife Biology (Univ. of Vermont), M.A. International Development (Clark Univ) and a graduate certificate in Organizational Management (Boston College). She was a Boren National Security Education graduate fellow and a Leadership fellow of the Academy of Systems Change.