Pedro Ronca

Manager, CocoaAction Brasil, P&A Marketing

Agronomist at the “Luiz de Queiroz” School of Agriculture (ESALQ / USP), postgraduate in Agribusiness Coffee by FIA / USP and in Economics and Coffee Science at the University of Trieste / illycaffè, Italy. Agronomic consultant in coffee production, experience with planning projects, conducting and managing properties with adequacy of production systems, productivity increase, post-harvest and specialty coffee production and strategic market consulting, business plans and conscious use of natural resources in most Brazilian coffee regions. In the area of sustainability, he has broad acting as auditor for certification in sustainable production chains, including chain of custody and adequacy of properties for certification. It is a rural producer and coffee farmer in the south of MG. Manager of the Brazil Program of the Global Coffee Platform and the CocoaAction Brazil Initiative of WCF.