Panos Loukos

Senior Insights Manager, Agritech Program, GSMA

Panos is the Senior Insights Manager for GSMA’s AgriTech programme. Panos provides the AgriTech programme and its external stakeholders with intelligence and analysis around digital agriculture topics with a focus on innovative business models, emerging use cases, best practices and socioeconomic impact. He leads engagement and facilitates collaboration with the agriculture sector to support AgriTech programme activities. Panos works directly with agri services across Africa and Asia providing technical assistance to guide agricultural value chain digitisation. He regularly participates in industry events. Before joining the GSMA, Panos spent several years in leading analyst and consultancy firms with a special focus on operators’ digital strategies. Panos holds a BSc in Plant Science from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and an MSc in Plant Disease from Imperial College London. More recently, Panos completed an MBA degree at the University of Manchester.