Nicko Debenham

Vice President, Head of Sustainability, Barry Callebaut

Nicko Debenham is Vice President, Head of Sustainability at Barry Callebaut and serves as the Chairman of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. Previously at Armajaro, he was Head of the Africa Cocoa Division, Director of Development and Sustainability, and Director/Chairman of Source Trust. Nicko served as Chairman of the World Cocoa Foundation in 2013-2014. Nicko brings more than 32 years of experience working on cocoa value chain. In the 1980’s, he learned the business from scratch, working directly with cocoa farmers. He possesses unique expertise in sustainable development within the cocoa industry, in collaboration with governments, partners and NGO’s worldwide.

Nicko Debenham plays a key role in bringing together pioneering knowledge from the cocoa industry to lead the strategic direction of the sustainability development programs, benefiting cocoa farmers’ families and their communities around the world.