Meike Engelhard

Senior Manager for Certification Data and Reporting, Rainforest Alliance

Meike Engelhard is the Senior Manager for Certification Data and Reporting at the Rainforest Alliance. In this role, she combines her passion for sustainable farming, empathic leadership, many years of experience with developing and monitoring sustainability standards’ assurance, collaboration with farmers cooperatives and certification bodies around the world, and a pragmatic vision for the value of data and insights throughout supply chains.

During her Research Master in Public Policies in Latin America she did field research on ecotourism and farmer cooperatives in Southern Mexico. Motivated by the mission of sustainable farming and the combination of pragmatism and idealism to work towards reaching it, she worked at UTZ, a voluntary sustainability standard for agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa, and tea. Now at the Rainforest Alliance, she is responsible for ensuring that certification and sustainable agriculture data is collected, managed, and transformed into insights to inform decisions and allow for targeted interventions by farmer organizations, the Rainforest Alliance, certification bodies, buyers, and global brands.