Me Kouakou

Coordinator, Takeover Bid Support, Conseil du Café Cacao

Me Kouakou graduated in Human Resources Management and is an expert in Takeover Bid Management (Professional Agricultural Organizations) with two Certificates in Project and Program Management and Results-Based Management. Me is currently the Coordinator of Takeover Bid Support for the Coffee-Cocoa sector within the Directorate in charge of Agricultural Development Support at the Conseil du Café Cacao.

In 2015 and 2016, he led a project to harmonize the Statutes of Cooperatives in accordance with the new provisions of OHADA relating to the Law of Cooperative Societies; project financed by the World Bank with the support of the DGDI (Grant of Governance and Agricultural Development).

Since 2016, in his capacity as Coordinator of Takeover Bid Support for the coffee-cocoa sector, he has been responsible for leading the “Professionalization Program for Cooperative Societies”  of Conseil du Café Cacao and coordinating the various projects and programs conducted  in partnership with the private sector, including the Pro-Planters project with the German Government, and the Cocoa Transparency Program with the Cémoi Group and the FCIP (Investment Programme for Cooperative Societies and Cocoa Orchards) with IDH.

Mr. Kouakou has a total of 19 years of professional service in the coffee-cocoa sector during which he has followed several sustainability projects and programs.