Massimiliano Wax

VP Strategy & Business Development, Rizek Cacao

Massimiliano Wax, born in Genoa, Italy 3rd November 1969, grew up in Brazil (São Paulo and Pará) where he first became innocently acquainted with Cocoa Degree in Moral Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance, Cocoa buyer in Africa Republic of Congo-Brazzaville 1994 –1997, Togo1998, Ivory Coast1999-2000. Max conducted Pro bono missions for NGOs in Cameroon and Ivory Coast1999, Independent cocoa trader in 2000. He was Cocoa Expert of the IADB (World Bank group) since 2001, Director of R&D and sales at RIZEK CACAO since 2001-2008, VP Strategy & Business Development at Rizek Cacao since 2008. Concept creator and partner of KahKow (cacao & chocolate stores) since 2010. General Manager and partner at CAFIN SAS (special cacao farm development) since2016 and Member of the Board of the Italian-Dominican Chamber of commerce since 2019.

Others: Untalented & rusty yet passionate tennis player, classical music fan, mostly 19th and 20thcentury symphonies, cooks creative cuisine for friends and relatives unable to refuse or to escape, makes cacao-based soaps and cosmetics for personal use, loves mechanics, cars, knives and basically whatever is able to rust or to move.