John Kehoe

Director of Sustainability , Guittard

John began his career at Guittard Chocolate in 2014 as Director of Sustainability after 25 years in the cocoa and international trade and development business. In 1991, John co- founded and operated a leading Venezuelan cocoa exporting business with clients in the US, Japan and Europe.  In 1999, John joined ED&F Man Cocoa to restructure a cocoa exporting operation in the Dominican Republic.  In 2002 John founded EcoTrade a pioneering U.S. specialty cocoa brokerage and consultancy. In 2008, John joined premium chocolate start-up TCHO in San Francisco.

John serves on the boards of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund, is  member of the Cocoa of Excellence Technical Committee (sensory panel) and is an active member of the Working Group on International Standards for the Assessment of Cocoa Quality and Flavour.