Jerwin Tholen

Manager of Sustainability, KPMG N.V.

Jerwin has been working on cocoa sustainability since 2011. He has assessed many initiatives to address deep rooted issues in the industry, different viewpoints on what leads to success and how that should be measured with reasonable efforts. Most recently he was end responsible for the CocoaAction end-of-program assessment for which WCF commissioned KPMG.

Jerwin has 20+ years of experience in sustainability consulting with clients in multiple sectors across the world, including particularly cocoa. He has worked with major players in the FMCG industry and led many projects identifying the impacts, costs and benefits of sustainability programs. As a Partner, Jerwin is responsible for leading KPMG Sustainability’s agri-food, sustainable soft commodities (e.g. cocoa, coffee, tea, soy, palm oil, dairy, sugar, cotton, aquaculture) business lines. In addition to corporate clients, Jerwin works with many multi-stakeholder initiatives and has performed 10+ projects for IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative. Jerwin is Co-chair of both KPMG’s global network for Business and Human Rights and Supply Chain Sustainability.