Jean-Marie Delon

Sustainability and Government Relations Director, West-Africa Cargill West Africa

Since taking up his current role with Cargill in 2022, Jean-Marie Delon has led sustainability initiatives in Côte d’Ivoire through the Cargill Cocoa Promise, Cargill’s commitment to making a tangible difference to farmer productivity, increasing their income and improving livelihoods.

In his current role, he supports the roll out of the Cargill Cocoa promise with emphasis on building strategic partnerships relations with Government to commonly address key systemic issues facing the cocoa sector.

He has broad experience of the cocoa industry, having worked in cocoa sales and purchasing as well as being responsible for the implementation of Sustainability standards in small farmers organizations.

Jean-Marie holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Montpelier, specializing in international tax and trade law.