Irina van der Sluijs

Responsible investment specialist, NN Investment Partners

Throughout her working life, Irina has been intrigued by finding synergies between stakeholders with different interests and viewpoints. The domain of responsible business conduct has provided her with the opportunity to look into the ways international business can operate with a human face. Irina started out as a policy advisor for the Dutch government studying and promoting the normative framework for business initiated by the UN and the OECD in the mid to late 2000s. Then as a consultant she helped public sector clients raising awareness for these guidelines and private clients with implementing them. In recent years she specialized in the right to a living wage for workers, as researcher and organizer of conferences in Berlin (2013) and Islamabad (2016).

A few years ago, Irina found a new home to drive these topics, in sustainable finance. First with the Dutch ASN Bank, now as a responsible investment specialist with asset manager NN IP where she has the opportunity to use its leverage in a meaningful way towards investees in the agri-food sector and garment sector. Irina has been discussing this enabling, key human right with companies for many years now in engagement streams and within the Platform Living Wage Financials.