Ed Seguine

President, Seguine Cacao Cocoa & Chocolate Advisors

Ed Seguine has created craft chocolate from bean-to-bar for over a third century. His passion for the diversity and purity of flavor in chocolate has led him to Chair the ICCO Fine and Flavor Panel, co-founded the Cocoa of Excellence program and Chairs the Cocoa of Excellence Technical Committee, Chairs the Fine Chocolate Industry Association-Heirloom Cocoa Preservation Sensory Committee, and has been key in establishing flavor evaluation protocols for both programs and the CAOBISCO Flavor Quality Guide as well as the International.

His lab processes and evaluates cocoa beans providing liquor and chocolate evaluations and he continues to consult for Guittard Chocolate as they progress into their fourth half century with the 5th generation of the family management.

While we work to develop sustainable supply chains, we must not lose sight of the reason that cocoa exists—to provide flavor that delights the palette and creates memories lasting a lifetime.