Charlotte Streck

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Climate Focus

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Streck is co-founder and managing partner of Climate Focus an international advisory company on climate policy with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bogota, Rotterdam. Before founding Climate Focus in 2004, Charlotte served as Senior Counsel with The World Bank in Washington, DC. Charlotte is a renowned expert on the legal and institutional aspects of carbon markets. She advises corporates, governments, NGOs and philanthropies on climate and land use; voluntary and regulated carbon markets; and the design of climate policies. She serves as associated editor of the Climate Policy Journal, a former Chair of the Board of the Climate Strategies Policy research network, and Professor at Potsdam University, a lecturer at Bayreuth University (both Germany) and Bar-Ilan University (Israel). She has edited four books and published more than 100 articles, commentaries and reports.