Cedric Van Cutsem

Associate Director Cocoa Life, Operations, Mondelēz International

As Associate Director Cocoa Life, Operations, Cédric is leading the holistic program roll out across the 6 origins. He is the leading force behind the Cocoa Life Operations Guide and supervises its implementation. Environment being one of the key areas Cocoa Life focuses on, Cedric is also driving the programs environment strategy with a strong emphasis on deforestation and climate change resilience. Finally, he ensures we have the right partnerships in place to source the Cocoa Life volume required by our brands.

Prior to joining Mondelēz International, Cedric was Director for Sustainable Cocoa at Ecom. He also gained significant experience as trader in Switzerland and earlier as Managing Director in Nigeria setting up and managing Ecom’s operations for close to 4 years.

Cedric has lived in Nigeria, Switzerland, Côte d’Ivoire and is now located in Belgium. He holds a master’s degree in business from the University of ICHEC in Brussels.