Angela Tejada Chavez

Head of Sustainable Sourcing, Hershey Company

Angela Tejada Chavez is the Head of Sustainable Sourcing at Hershey.  She specializes in driving interventions that support a reduction in deforestation and promoting forest preservation in the cocoa supply chain.

Previously, Angela was Senior Manager at Mars, focusing on cocoa sustainability issues.  Angela served as Program Officer at UTZ (now Rainforest Alliance), co-leading the development of the UTZ cocoa program for producers across cocoa producing countries in Africa, South East Asia and Latin America, as well as working with cocoa processing companies to develop sustainability supply chain requirements. Through this work she gained extensive visibility and knowledge of the cocoa supply chain starting with cocoa farming families at origin all the way to final products on retailers’ shelves in consuming countries. Her diverse career includes working in public private partnerships with local governments in Peru, together with international mining companies, and bringing together business benefits and environmental improvements. While working at Michell & Cia – the leading Peruvian natural fibre and alpaca textile company – she developed programs to incentivize employees on quality and environmental issues.

She believes in the power of business to drive change.  She has a flair for bringing strategies to life and is passionate about people development.  Her grandfather taught her firsthand what we now call regenerative agriculture with a business mindset. This led her to the Netherlands where she complemented her industrial engineering studies and eclectic work experience gained in Peru with a Masters in Environmental Resources Management focussing on Sustainable Land Management.

Angela is a Peruvian national and has lived, studied and worked in Peru, Belgium, Uganda, the Netherlands and Australia.  She currently lives in London with her partner, Luis Fernandes. In their free time they work on innovative ways increase their greenprint, they enjoy nature and cooking dinner for friends.