Ama Nyame Mogyabun

Sustainability Management Expert, Tachibana

Ama Nyame Mogyabun is a food safety and quality as well as sustainability management expert. She has worked in specialty cocoa in Ghana for over 13 years in many roles along the value chain: Processor Management, Fair Trade Auditor, Trader, Direct Farmer Support Services, Flavor and Quality Consultant and more. Ama managed the Ghana Quality Initiative Program for TCHO and Guittard, including the installment of the Flavor lab at CRIG and the training of the sensory panel at CRIG. Through her current work at Tachibana and Sprouted, Ama supports fully traceable and differentiated cocoa sourcing from Ghana for many chocolate companies and is passionate about supporting work that improves farmer livelihoods. In her “free time”, Ama is a bean to bar chocolate maker.