Adriana Joven

Cocoa Producer, El Pital (Huila), Colombia

Adriana Joven is a cocoa producer from the municipality of El Pital (Huila), Colombia. Since she was very young she has been immersed in cocoa cultivation. Currently, this producer has 3 hectares of cocoa in production and 2 hectares in new planting. Thus completing 5 hectares of cocoa, in 2020 she had a productivity of 829 kg/Ha per year and as of June 2022, she has already produced 883 kg/Ha. In addition to being passionate about cocoa, Adriana recognizes the importance of caring for rivers, lakes, trees and animals; she knows that they are essential for our survival and for future generations. She has a water source on her farm and also she takes care of her water supply without intervening the protection trees, thus generating a sustainable ecosystem in coexistence with nature; She does not use agrochemicals to control weeds, these activities are carried out manually or mechanically. Now, Adriana belongs to the Luker Chocolate program “Guardians of the tropical dry forest”, thanks to this, she is a high influence of good environmental practices in her area.