Aligning for Global Action

Sustainability is the clear imperative of the cocoa sector. And yet, even as stakeholders align on calls for sustainability, driving progress can seem complex and elusive. Accelerating sustainability across the sector requires all stakeholders to play their roles – and understand one another’s needs. The forces shaping social, economic and environmental sustainability for cocoa go well beyond the sector itself. And so, strong collaboration requires open minds, innovative thinking and trust in common goals.

To continue strengthening these foundations, the World Cocoa Foundation is convening the cocoa and chocolate sector for our 2024 Partnership Meeting. This annual event unites cocoa farmers and experts from companies, governments, academia, civil society, and press in a single forum for discussion, collaboration and shared progress on sustainability in a dialogue meant to help us align for global action.

This year, World Cocoa Foundation is teaming up with CHOCOA, the foremost industry conference for better chocolate, to create a weeklong Amsterdam Cocoa Week. As the largest cocoa port in the world, Amsterdam is the hub connecting producers and consumers. It also serves as a center for innovative thinking on sustainability in the cocoa supply chain.

Be sure to join us at the Beurs van Berlage February 5-11, 2024, for this unique intersection of the entire cocoa and chocolate sector.

“Combining our World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting and CHOCOA will propel us into 2024 in exciting fashion. It will allow all of us globally across the sector to align and find new ways forward as we transition toward the shared objective of truly sustainable cocoa.”–Chris Vincent, President of World Cocoa Foundation

Check out some highlights from our last Partnership Meeting which took place in Brussels, Belgium:

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World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting 2024

“Aligning for Global Action”

Master of Ceremonies and Moderator: Joost Gorter

  • 09.00 Plenary Opening Session – Aligning for global action

    The cocoa sector is an important stakeholder in development towards sustainability in cocoa producing

    countries. The issue is much broader than cocoa and if we want to have an impact towards our sustainability

    objectives, we must align. Aligning within the cocoa sector, with other sectors, and stakeholders, such as

    governments and civil society, will be the way forward.

  • 09.40 Cocoa Producer Panel

    This panel will set the stage for the rest of the Partnership Meeting by putting farmer voices and their

    perspectives at the forefront of the conference.

  • 10.40 Cocoa Break
  • 11.10 Breakout Sessions
    • Agroforestry for who? Scaling Successful Farmer-Centric Models
      This panel will delve into successful agroforestry initiatives to understand the key factors that determine farmer benefits and influence a farmer’ decision to adopt agroforestry and draw lessons for the design, implementation and scaling-up of farmers-centered agroforestry models.
    • Sustainability Ambitions in Cocoa Producing Countries
      International standards, such as ISO 34101, for sustainable and traceable cocoa, and other voluntary standards such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certification schemes, have triggered actions by producing countries to develop their own sustainability standards. Standards, such as the African Regional Standard, initiated by Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, promote sustainability of the sector and enhance the traceability of cocoa beans in West Africa. This session will explore the approach of producing countries beyond EU and WAF in developing their sustainability strategies.
    • Traceability: Stories from Other Commodities
      In preparation for the EU deforestation regulation (EUDR), specifically the regulations’ requirement for cocoa traceability, this session will explore other commodities’ traceability models, privacy issue and lessons that might be applied to the cocoa sector.
  • 12.40 Lunch Break & Innovation Market Place: “Innovating for Global Impact”
  • 14.40 Plenary Session: Fireside Chat with leading representatives of cocoa consuming countries
  • 15.20 Plenary Session: Fireside Chat with leading representatives of cocoa producing countries
  • 16.00 Cocoa Break
  • 16.30 Breakout Sessions
    • Measuring Deforestation, Carbon, and Program Impact
      This session will provide an overview of the current state of deforestation, restoration, carbon, and impact measurement in the cocoa sector. The panel will look at where we have been – the challenges, successes, opportunities, and advancements, and where we should go now. Participants will gain insights into how data can support the delivery of deforestation-free cocoa and increased farmer income.
    • Effectively addressing Child Labor: regulation enforcement & data generation vs community engagement & ownership
      Addressing child labor has strongly relied on “intrusive” regulation enforcement and related data generation. Recent applied models that build on community engagement from a less judgmental perspective have shown promising hints of a better anchored impact. The session will explore both models and their ability to achieve a child protective environment.
    • How can Alternative Sources of Income contribute to a Better Standard of Living
      Despite successful productivity improvement efforts and premiums paid for certified cocoa, other interventions are needed to achieve a resilient income for farmers. This session will explore additional innovative income streams to stabilize farmer revenues throughout the year
  • 18:00 Reception – Sponsored by Amsterdam Cocoa Week
  • 09.00 Plenary Opening Session
  • 9.20 Plenary Session: Aligning for global action from the C-suite perspective

    This plenary session will have three C-suite level leaders from WCF Member companies to discuss how sustainability is discussed in the Boardroom and with Stakeholders. How has this evolved overtime and what needs to be addressed, especially with regard to new legislation and extra investments needed to meet customer and consumer expectations?

  • 10:30 Cocoa Break & Chocoa Trade Fair
  • 11.15 Plenary Session: Global Comparisons of the Cocoa Sector

    What are the strategies in producing countries for the development of their cocoa sector, what are the ambitions and which policy measures are being considered? What is the position of these countries to import policies in the EU, such as the EUDR, and the US and what is the impact on their strategy? This panel will allow producing countries to present their views.

  • 12.15 Lunch Break
  • 13:15 Breakout Sessions
    • Global Strategies for Restoration & Conservation
      While smaller initiatives within supply chains have been effective, there is a growing need for collaboration among governments, businesses, communities and philanthropies to work together in large-scale restoration and conservation initiatives, as seen with the Cocoa & Forests Initiative. In this session, we will consider the potential challenges and opportunities involved in pursuing these initiatives and determine the best pathways to get there.
    • New Child Labor initiatives based on sector-wide consultation
      Building on the current Child Labor and Forced Labor programming and the necessity to achieve a stronger impact, WCF has initiated a gap analysis that includes an inclusive stakeholder consultation to identify areas of systemic change. This panel will discuss the outcomes and some promising trends to inform the design of a Collaborative Program.
    • Just Transition Pathways for Cocoa Communities in the Race to Net-Zero
      The EUDR marks a significant step towards addressing emissions by moving the world towards a deforestation-free market, but concerns for farmers’ well-being highlight the complexities of this transition. We must ensure the transition addresses the well-being of both people and the planet. This session will explore innovative tools and approaches to foster resilient farmer communities and go beyond global emission targets.
  • 14.45 Cocoa Break
  • 15.15 The Trilogy of Farmer Income (Part 1 of 3)

    Along with the WCF PM, 2024 will bring two other major cocoa conferences, the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference at Chocoa and the World Cocoa Conference by ICCO. These events are the perfect occasions to stage panel discussions that contribute to progress on one of the major topics in the cocoa sector, farmer income. This session will be the first of a three-part discussion series, spread across the three events, with the WCF PM focusing on the development and implementation of market-based policies to improve the income of farmers.

  • 16.15 Closing Plenary – Is enough global action taken?

    Sector transformation can only be accomplished together. To move forward and review what has been discussed over the course of the conference, the World Cocoa Foundation has invited the chairpersons of the regional cocoa and chocolate associations to discuss their impressions of the WCFPM and to elaborate on the impact of their associations policy moving forward.

  • 17.25 Closing remarks

The World Cocoa Foundation has blocked rooms in the following local hotels to ensure participants have rooms during the event. Rooms have been blocked for the nights of February 4-8.


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