Regional Symposium: Next Generation Cocoa Research for West and Central Africa

March 23, 2016

The WCF African Cocoa Initiative (ACI), in conjunction with the African Cocoa Breeders Working Group (ACBWG), organized a one-time symposium in Ibadan, Nigeria on the next generation of cocoa research for West and Central Africa.

The symposium covered aspects on the recent innovations in cocoa improvement, shared research experiences, identified research needs and developed national, regional and global alliances to unleash the potential of the crop.

It also provided a platform for consultation and development of a regional strategy for improving the cocoa sector based on genetic enhancement; pest and diseases, and mitigation of risks of climate change; post-harvest handling and quality aspects; mechanization/labor-saving technologies; markets, institutions and policies; and value chain analysis.

The symposium brought together nearly 300 researchers, academics, industry representatives and other stakeholders in the cocoa sector to discuss research priorities across both the public and private sector platforms going forward.