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Purdy’s Chocolates Whips Up Something Special

The venerable Vancouver confectioner — well known for quality milk and dark chocolates in distinctive purple packaging, not to mention those cute little hedgehogs — is breaking down culinary boundaries with seasonal and specialty treats designed for a flourishing foodie… Read More

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Why Kraft Foods Cares About Fair Trade Chocolate

With 23 years in the food industry, Chris McGrath is responsible for balancing the environmental, social and economic considerations across Kraft Foods’ global portfolio, helping to ensure that sustainability is a part of every business decision. Chris works with business… Read More

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Book Looks At Fine Chocolate’s Future

Vancouver — Raising The Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate is a new book that looks at the future of fine chocolate from the perspective of cultivation, processing and final products. Written by Pam Williams, founder of Ecole Chocolat Professional… Read More

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Ghirardelli marks 160 sweet years

A technique called conching is one of the main reasons for the long success of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, celebrating its 160th anniversary this year.The process — which removes bitterness and strips astringency from roasted cocoa beans — results in… Read More

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