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Haigh’s sweet success in Sydney

In a move that comes after Darrell Lea being placed into voluntary administration and closing 32 shops, Haigh’s Chocolate is opening a second Sydney store in the Queen Victoria building. Read more… Read More

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World Cocoa Production

Although cocoa is cultivated in a wide array of countries around the equator, 70% of the production originates from Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia. Besides, the vast majority of cocoa beans come from Africa, where its cultivation was introduced from… Read More

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Encouraging Profitable, Sustainable, Cocoa Growing

According to Bill Guyton, President of the World Cocoa Foundation, who visited IFC recently, cocoa is a potential economic engine in tropical rural areas, generating incomes and opportunities for farm families and communities. During his visit, Guyton highlighted the importance… Read More

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Africa Grows Too Hot to Grow Chocolate

Climate change could destroy West Africa’s cocoa farms, disrupting domestic and international economies, experts say.  By 2060, more than half of the cocoa-producing countries in the region may be too hot to grow the crop, according to a report released… Read More

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