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Cocoa Foundation Selects Researchers for US Study

Seven research scientists, from Africa, Asia and Latin America, will come to the United States next year to study cocoa production. They were chosen by the Washington-based World Cocoa Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for two- to three-month… Read More

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WCF Names Chairman

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) announced Nicko Debenham as chairman for the 2013 – 2015 term at a meeting in Zurich, according to the WCF. Debenham is the director of development and sustainability at Armajaro Trading Ltd. He most recently… Read More

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WCF Newsletter October & November 2012

WCF PARTNERS WITH SWISS GOVERNMENT IN SUPPORT OF COCOA FARMERS, NAMES NEW CHAIRMAN, CELEBRATES 100 MEMBERS Left to right: Bill Guyton, Anne Alonzo, Nicko Debenham The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the Swiss State… Read More


CocoaMAP Giving Sharper Picture of Cocoa’s Future

With beta-testing starting this fall in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Indonesia, the WCF’s Cocoa Measurement and Progress (CocoaMAP) initiative is the first program of its kind to track the advancements of the cocoa sector’s performance and sustainability efforts, providing an… Read More

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