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WCF Newsletter January & February 2013

MEET WCF’S NEW CHAIRMAN WCF’s new chairman, Nicko Debenham During WCF’s 22nd Partnership Meeting in Zurich last October, outgoing chairwoman Anne Alonzo introduced Nicko Debenham, of Armajaro Trading Ltd., as WCF’s new chairman.  Nicko… Read More


Reshaping the Future of Cocoa in Africa

Seventy percent of the world’s cocoa now comes from West Africa, where family-run farms have proliferated across the landscape in recent decades. Yet in a paradox, the spread of these nonnative cocoa trees often contributes to deforestation. Rather than planting… Read More


Empowering Cocoa Farmers in West Africa

West Africa accounts for nearly three quarters of the world’s cocoa production. Millions of people are employed by the sector or indirectly rely on cocoa farming to make a living. Analysts are projecting that this season cocoa production is likely… Read More

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A Journey through the Global Village

Growing up in Chicago’s Little Village and Pilsen neighborhoods, Anne Alonzo, ’00 (XP-69), stayed close to home for her education. As a teenager, she commuted to the Loop to study shorthand and typing. She then went on to earn degrees… Read More

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