NJBiz sits down with Mars Global Chocolate President Grant Reid

August 17, 2012

Grant Reid talked with last week with NJBiz reporter Melinda Caliendo about Mars’s vision to purchase all our cocoa from sustainable sources by 2020. Mars Global Chocolate is headquartered in NJ, and it’s great news for the cocoa industry that the New Jersey business community is taking notice of our sustainability efforts.

Melinda’s piece, which you can access here, goes into some detail about what Grant’s role has been in getting us on track to our 2020 goal. His role has been substantial and hands-on. He’s been traveling to cocoa farms in all the origins, including Indonesia and Côte d’Ivoire, meeting with farmers and agricultural experts to refine our farming practices and make sure our plan is on track. With so much of our work taking place at Mars locations around the globe, we were proud to see this coverage in our statewide press.

This post originally appeared on the Mars Sustainable Cocoa Initiative blog.