GRANJA LUKER ‐ 50 years: Searching for the Best Chocolate through Investigation, Hard Work, and Passion

CasaLuker is a family‐owned enterprise founded more than 100 years ago, in 1906, in the small Colombian city of Manizales. Luker’s commitment is to offer to the customers the best chocolate made with top quality “Fino de Aroma” cocoa. To do this, 50 years ago, in 1962, CasaLuker founded La Granja Luker (Luker Farm), currently one of the few cocoa research centres in the world. The staff at the centre work to modernize production technology and conservation techniques for “Cacao Fino de Aroma” in order to ensure benefits for the farmers who rely on the crop as their livelihood and to guarantee the best quality for CasaLuker’s end consumers.

Pictured left to right: Luis Eduardo Gomez, president of Finagro; Don Alfredo Restrepo; Robert Peck; Dr. Juan Camilo Restrepo, Minister of Agriculture, Colombia

Today all this research, experience, passion and technology is aimed at building a sustainable cocoa business, whereby everyone in the productive chain receives a fair revenue and the end consumers can enjoy the best quality chocolate, with unique flavors and aromas. To achieve this goal, the Granja Luker works on a number of projects including adaptative research, training of farmers on cocoa harvest and production techniques all around the country and also the production of cocoa material which is later used by this farmers.

All these projects regroup in a program called “The Luker Way” which is committed to the social development of the cocoa sector in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. The Granja Luker and the Luker Way program are committed to create a long‐term sustainable business for its employees and all its agricultural partners.

Robert Peck with a new cocoa tree

Today, we are celebrating 50 years since the birth of the Granja Luker and we want to share this exciting and special moment with all the people who have been involved from the inside and outside with the development of the Granja Luker, with those who have visited the farm and know how enchanting it is, with those who sell our chocolates all around the world, and finally with the people who –at the end of the chain‐ consume this delicious product made with the best Fino de Aroma cacao.

Congratulations to the Granja Luker and its people for its 50 years!