World Cocoa Foundation RESEARCH UPDATE: April-June 2013

Robert D. Lumsden, Plant Pathologist and WCF Scientific Advisor

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT:  On February 22, 2013 President Obama announced a new public access policy for all federally funded research.  According to this policy, publications or final reports arising from all federally funded research must be made publically available within 12 months after peer-reviewed publication.  The policy, already in place at the National Institutes of Health, was extended to include other federal agencies that have research budgets of $100 million or more.  The text of the memo from the Office of Science and Technology Policy is available online by clicking here.  This public policy makes it possible to obtain publications authored by US Government scientists relating to cacao/cocoa research in a timely manner and without charge, and according to the Washington Post, February 23, 2013, “These policies will accelerate scientific breakthroughs and innovation, promote entrepreneurship, and enhance economic growth and job creation.”


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**Complete articles are available on the WCF website in the Research Library. These articles are accessible to the cacao research community for research purposes only. This bibliography was developed with assistance from the National Agricultural Library, Agriculture Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland.

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Anda, M., Shamshuddin, J., Fauziah, C.I. Increasing negative charge and nutrient contents of a highly weathered soil using basalt and rice husk to promote cocoa growth under field conditions. (2013) Soil and Tillage Research, 132, pp. 1-11. AFFILIATIONS: Indonesian Center for Agricultural Land Resource Research and Development, Agency of Agricultural Research and Developement, Jalan Tentara Pelajar No. 12, Cimanggu Bogor 16114, Jawa Barat, Indonesia; KEYWORDS: Basalt;  Cocoa;  Oxisols;  Rice husk;  Surface charge; Biology

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Prepared by Robert D. Lumsden, Plant Pathologist and WCF Scientific Advisor —  July 1, 2013.