Barry Parkin, WCF Chairman

Chief Sustainability Officer and Health & Well-being Officer, Mars, Inc.

Christine McGrath, WCF Vice-Chair

Chief Well-being, Sustainability, Public & Government Affairs Officer, Mondelēz International

Steven Retzlaff, WCF Treasurer/Vice-Chair

President Global Cocoa, Barry Callebaut

Terence O’Day, WCF Secretary

Senior Vice President, Chief Product Supply and Technology Officer, The Hershey Company

See the full WCF Board of Directors here.

Senior Leadership Team

Richard Scobey, President

Richard Scobey was appointed President of the World Cocoa Foundation in July 2016. As President, Mr. Scobey leads the strategic development of the organization, serves as the primary spokesperson on behalf of member companies, and leads the direction of the cocoa and chocolate industry on sustainability priorities. He brings more than 35 years of rural development and poverty reduction expertise, extensive knowledge and experience in managing large and complex programs, mobilizing public and private financing, and building partnerships and networks for impact. He has a particularly strong professional connection and commitment to the Africa region, where he has worked for more than 18 years. Download Bio

Jill Harris, Chief Financial Officer

Jill Stasz Harris serves as the Chief Financial Officer at the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) based in its Washington, D.C. office. Jill’s work centers on advancing WCF as a strong and high performing organization via functional alignment and support of vision, strategy, and action. Download Bio

Paul F. Macek, Vice President, Programs

Paul Macek is the Vice President of Programs for the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), where he manages WCF flagship’s portfolio of projects and programs. He brings with him nearly 20 years’ experience in community based development and humanitarian work. Download Bio

Timothy S. McCoy, Vice President, Member and External Relations

Tim McCoy is Vice President of Member and External Relations at the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), where he oversees all of WCF’s public relations and communications efforts, including WCF’s annual Partnership Meeting and its relations with key stakeholders in producing countries and sister organizations around the world. Tim brings nearly 20 years’ experience in international affairs and political and economic development programs, primarily in Africa. Download Bio

Nira Desai, Senior Director, Strategy and Learning

Nira Desai serves as the Senior Director of Strategy & Learning, and is responsible for leading WCF’s program for cocoa sustainability called CocoaAction, ensuring strategic alignment and integration across all WCF programs, facilitating industry-wide learning and knowledge sharing, and enhancing internal organizational behavior and effectiveness. Download Bio


Hervé D. Bisseleua, Director, Agricultural Productivity, Chief of Party

Hervé D. Bisseleua is the Director of Agricultural Productivity and Chief Party for the World Cocoa Foundation based in the WCF Ghana Office. He plays a key role in WCF’s thematic agricultural productivity work including planting materials and soil fertility and in leading ACI II. Hervé brings with him nearly 17 years’ experience in cocoa production and sustainability, community-based cocoa research, economic aid, and development projects. Download Bio

Ethan Budiansky, Director, Environment

Ethan Budiansky serves as Director of Environment and leads WCF’s overarching strategy on addressing environmental sustainability across the cocoa sector. Heading both the Climate Smart Cocoa Program and the Cocoa and Forest Initiative, he helps cocoa and chocolate companies advance their environmental sustainability commitments, addressing deforestation and the impact of climate change in cocoa growing regions. Ethan also co-leads the Cocoa Livelihoods Program to improve farm-level productivity and the livelihoods of cocoa farmers. Download Bio

Vincent Frimpong Manu, Country Director, Ghana

Vincent is the Ghana Country Coordinator for WCF’s Cocoa Livelihoods Program (CLP) He is based in WCF’s Accra, Ghana office. Download Bio

Michael Matarasso, Director, Monitoring & Evaluation

Michael “Mike” Matarasso serves as the Director for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) at the World Cocoa Foundation. He oversees M&E strategy and communications, and leads a team responsible for working with partners to implement M&E on WCF programs. Download Bio

Adam Mayaki, Director, Operations, Finance and Compliance

Adam Mayaki is the Director of Operations, Finance and Compliance at WCF. He has more than nine years of experience in project management, budget controls, field and home office operations, financial reporting, and financial management. Download Bio

Youssouf N’Djore, Director, Social Development

Youssouf N’Djore is WCF’s Social Development Director, responsible for bringing broad knowledge and expertise in the areas of community development, women’s empowerment, education and combatting child labor. Download Bio

Suzanne Ngo-Eyok, Country Director, Côte d’Ivoire

Suzanne is the Director of WCF’s Cocoa Livelihoods Program and is based in its Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire office. Download Bio


Edwin Afari, WCF Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, West Africa

Edwin Afari is an Agricultural Economist and a Specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with 12 years’ experience in research, teaching, project analysis & management. He has additional experience in data analysis & management. Download Bio

Nene Akwetey-Kodjoe, Project Coordinator, WCF African Cocoa Initiative

Nene Akwetey-Kodjoe is the WCF/ACI Project Coordinator. He manages all technical reporting and for the project and provides project management backstopping support to the Chief of Party. Prior to joining WCF Nene worked for almost 8 years on development projects for USAID’s West Africa Trade Hub as Technical Coordinator for Export Business Development, Finance Program Coordinator and Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist and for JICA’s West African Centre for International Parasite Control as Senior Research Assistant. Download Bio

Rachel Offeiba Amaning, Finance and Administrative Assistant

Rachel O. Amaning serves as a Finance and Administrative Assistant at the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), where she’s responsible for bookkeeping of the Ghana office and assisting the finance manager on a daily basis. Download Bio

Akua Amoah-Boateng, Finance Manager, WCF African Cocoa Initiative

Akua Amoah-Boateng is the Finance Manager for WCF’s African Cocoa Initiative and manages Administration in the Accra Office.  Download Bio

Elizabeth Burst, Accounting Associate

Elizabeth Burst serves as the Accounting Associate with Operations and Financial team at World Cocoa Foundation. She provides operational and financial support; monitoring and managing day-to-day finance activities along with support for audit, budget, and year end preparation. Download Bio

Josephine Dadzie, Field Associate

Josephine Dadzie works on the day-to-day administrative work for WCF/ECHOES and other WCF education projects as well as assists in their implementation. She brings over 7 years experience of office and project administration having worked for Tieso Ghana Ltd, Constructs llc and Knutsford University College, Ghana. Complementing her administrative experience are over 5 years of youth development work as a part-time volunteer Director for event management for The HuD Group, an international youth development organization.  Download Bio

Zoë Genova, Membership and Outreach Associate

Zoë Genova serves as Membership and Outreach Associate at the World Cocoa Foundation, where she provides support for membership services and outreach. She also supports communications and marketing, media outreach, social media, and event coordination. Download Bio

Jennifer L. Golden, Monitoring & Evaluation Team

Jennifer Golden serves on the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team at the World Cocoa Foundation. She oversees M&E strategy and communications, and leads a team responsible for working with partners to implement M&E on WCF programs. Download Bio

Charlotte Grant, Communications & Marketing Manager

Charlotte Grant serves as Communications & Marketing Manager at the World Cocoa Foundation, where she is responsible for building WCF’s brand and position as a thought leader in support of a sustainable and thriving global chocolate and cocoa sector. She brings to this role 12 years of international experience acquired across four continents, working for government organizations, nonprofits, and private sector companies. Download Bio

Falguni Guharay, Latin America Program Consultant, Climate Smart Cocoa

Falguni Guharay joined World Cocoa Foundation as Latin America Program Consultant for the Climate Smart Cocoa Program funded by USAID which aims to address the challenges of climate change in cocoa-producing landscapes by increasing private sector investment and engagement. The four-year Program has a geographical focus in West Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia) and Latin America (Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua). Download Bio

Webert Jose, Monitoring & Evaluation Systems Manager

Webert Jose serves as Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Systems Manager at the World Cocoa Foundation, where he focuses on the management, coordination, and systems support of CocoaAction M&E. Download Bio

Koffié Kouakou, Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) Coordinator

Koffié Kouakou serves as the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) Coordinator for the CSSV Program in West Africa. He is in charge of organizing CSSV activities in collaboration with national research and academic institutions. He is based in WCF’s Abidjan office. Download Bio

Fabrice Kouassi Jr, Administrative and Operations Assistant

Fabrice Kouassi serves as the Administrative and Operations Assistant at the World Cocoa Foundation, where he provides administrative and office support, and oversees the office’s equipment and technology systems. Download Bio

Gaël Lescornec, Partnerships Advisor

Gaël Lescornec serves as the Partnerships Advisor at the World Cocoa Foundation. Based in Geneva, she is responsible for resource mobilization and partnership development in Europe. She brings over 15 years of experience working in international development and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships and processes with the ultimate aim of achieving impact on people’s lives. Download Bio

Sean Lundy, Special Assistant to the President

Sean Lundy serves as Special Assistant to the President of WCF, and is responsible for liaison with the Board of Directors, preparing briefing materials, conducting research, helping drive special projects, and managing the schedule and “front office” of the President. Download Bio

Aaron Mead-Long, Program Associate, West African Programs

Aaron Mead-Long is a Program Associate, West African Programs at World Cocoa Foundation in their Washington office. He provides support to programs within the CocoaAction strategic framework, particularly in the area of community development in West Africa. Download Bio

Crescence Virginie Mfegue, Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) Program Manager – West Africa

Mfegue Crescence Virginie serves as the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) Program Manager in West Africa at WCF. Dr. Mfegue is in charge of leading a multicomponent Research and Development program aimed at developing tools for the control of CSSV and the protection of cocoa farms. She is based in WCF’s Abidjan office. Download Bio 

Sander Muilerman, West Africa Program Manager, Climate Smart Cocoa

Sander Muilerman serves as the program manager for the World Cocoa Foundation’s Climate Smart Cocoa Program in West-Africa, with the aim to increase private sector engagement and investments in climate-smart strategies for more socio-economic and environmental sustainability in the cocoa sector. As a rural development and agricultural innovations expert, he has over ten years of field experience in the Sub-Saharan tropical forest zone. Download Bio

Theresa I. Rodriguez, Finance and Accounting Manager

Theresa Rodriguez works as Finance and Accounting Manager for World Cocoa Foundation at the headquarters in Washington D.C. She is responsible for audit, budget, and monthly close coordination; program financial management; business development budget support; invoicing and receivables management; and other various financial management tasks. Download Bio

Eleazer Tackie, Program Associate

Eleazer Tackie serves as  a Program Associate at the World Cocoa Foundation. He supports the Agricultural Productivity and African Cocoa Initiative II team, where he brings strong technical depth and professional experience in project management, field activity management, agronomy, finance and budgeting, marketing, and logistics support. Download Bio

Hermann Tanon, Finance, Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Hermann Tanon is the Administrative and Operations Assistant at World Cocoa Foundation in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. He provides general office management and support and oversees staff equipment and systems. Download Bio

Matthew Travis, Operations Manager

Matthew Travis is the Operations Manager at the World Cocoa Foundation. He oversees the daily functions of the office and provides operational support for the DC team. Download Bio

Laura von Wahlde, Operations Associate

Laura von Wahlde serves as the Operations Associate at the World Cocoa Foundation, where she assists with a wide range of operations tasks including financial, human resources and IT projects. Download Bio

Baaba Wood, Administrative Assistant, WCF African Cocoa Initiative

Baaba Wood is the administrative Assistant for the WCF’s African Cocoa Initiative Project. She provides administrative support to the Chief of Party and other members of the team. Her expertise in office administration, information and records management and customer service comes from years of experience with institutions such as North Ridge Lyceum, the Buyasoul Foundation and the Information Services Department, Ministry of Information. Download Bio

Victoria Woolner, Program Associate, Strategy and Learning

Victoria Woolner is the Strategy and Learning Program Associate at the World Cocoa Foundation. She provides support to WCF’s CocoaAction strategy, with a particular focus on community development programming in West Africa. Download Bio