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World Cocoa Foundation membership is available to private sector contributors to the cocoa value chain, from farm to final product, including companies that work on agricultural inputs, financing, logistics, trading, transport, manufacturing, processing, production, and retail. Fill out the form to see if your company is eligible for membership.


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WCF Member Benefits

As a result of their financial support, technical expertise, and active involvement, WCF member companies enjoy the following benefits:


  • Position your company as a sustainability leader.
  • Convey to customers and consumers your company’s commitment to the highest standards for sustainable cocoa production.
  • Help set the global cocoa sustainability agenda alongside other cocoa and chocolate companies, cocoa producing countries, civil society organizations, multilateral institutions, and certifiers and standard setting bodies.


Access a global platform for joint learning and knowledge sharing including:

  • 100+ cocoa and chocolate companies.
  • Sustainability experts and practitioners.
  • Civil society organizations.
  • WCF offices in West Africa and Latin America.

Connection & Collaboration

Join a global convener for:

  • Networking with peers.
  • Aligning on key issues.
  • Engaging with producing country governments on policy.
  • Solving shared problems through collective action.

Reputational Safeguards

  • WCF serves as the chocolate and cocoa industry’s spokesorganization on sustainability, while promoting the industry’s reputation via strategic communications with media, civil society, farmer groups, governments, and other stakeholders.
  • WCF provides rapid response capability, early alert and risk assessment on critical issues such as deforestation and child labor.

Pursuing the goal of cocoa sustainability is good business on every level: it is right for manufacturers and producers, customers, environment, and, at perhaps the most basic level, it is right for the farmers and others who work in agriculture and whose present and future interests cannot be safeguarded without sustainability.

Kristi Mehr Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Cococo Learn More