With 23 years in the food industry, Chris McGrath is responsible for balancing the environmental, social and economic considerations across Kraft Foods’ global portfolio, helping to ensure that sustainability is a part of every business decision. Chris works with business teams around the world to reduce Kraft’s environmental global footprint and deliver Kraft’s sustainability commitments.

Last year the company laid out a plan to divide into two independent public companies–a North American grocery business, Kraft Foods Group, Inc., and a global snacks business, Mondelez International, Inc. McGrath will become Vice President for External Affairs at Mondelez International, with broad oversight for the new company’s sustainability, health & wellness and public affairs initiatives beginning October 1.

Among the Kraft brands are staples of many American children’s lunches: Oscar Mayer hot dogs and lunch meats, Capri Sun and Kool-Aid beverages, JELLO-O gelatin desserts, Nutter Butter and Oreo cookies.

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