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Research Documents: Stress

  • Bae, H.; Kim, S.-H.; Kim, M.S.; Sicher, R.C.; Lary, D.; Strem, M.D.; Natarajan, S.; Bailey, B.A. The drought response of Theobroma cacao (cacao) and the regulation of genes involved in polyamine biosynthesis by drought and other stresses. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, vol. 46, p. 174-18, 2008.

  • Bertolde, F.Z., De Almeida, A.A., Corrêa, R.X., Gomes, F.P., Gaiotto, F.A., Baligar, V.C., Loguercio, L.L. Molecular, physiological and morphological analysis of waterlogging tolerance in clonal genotypes of Theobroma cacao L. Tree physiology, 30 (1), pp. 56-67, 2010

  • Chin, H.F., Krishnapillay, B., Stanwood, P.C. Seed moisture: recalcitrant vs. orthodox seeds. Seed moisture : proceedings of a symposium / sponsored by Divisions C-4 and C-2 of the Crop Science Society of America in Atlanta, Georgia, 30 Nov. 1987; editors, Phillip C. Stanwood and Miller B. McDonald. Madison, Wis., USA : CSSA, 1989., p. 15-22

  • van Straaten,O., Veldkamp, E., Köhler, M., Anas, I. Drought effects on soil CO2 efflux in a cacao agroforestry system in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biogeosciences Discussions, vol. 6, p. 11541-11576, 2009.


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