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Research Documents: Socio-Economic

  • David, S., Asamoah, C. Farmer knowledge as an early indicator of IPM adoption: a case study from cocoa farmer field schools in Ghana. J. Sustainable Development in Africa, 2011, vol. 13 (4), p. 213-224.

  • Bosompem, M., Kwarteng, J.A., Ntifo-Siaw, E. Perceived impact of cocoa innovations on the livelihoods of cocoa farmers in Ghana: the Sustainable Livelihood Framework (SL) approach. J. Sustainable Development in Africa, 2011, vol. 13 (4)

  • Dang Thanh Ha; Shively, G. Coffee vs. cacao: a case study from the Vietnamese Central Highlands . Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education, vol. 34, p. 107-111. 2005.

  • Leiter, J.; Harding, S.Trinidad, Brazil, and Ghana: three melting moments in the history of cocoa. Jour. Rural Studies, vol. 20 p. 113-110. Three-time decline of cocoa production

  • Kazianga, H.; Masters, W. A . Property rights, production technology, and deforestation: cocoa in Cameroon. Agricultural economics: the journal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, vol. 35, no. 1, p. 19-26, 2006.

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